I documented pro football's return to St. Louis for the Columbia Missourian in this short video. A sell-out crowd of nearly 30,000 cheered on the BattleHawks of the XFL, creating an atmosphere that rivaled the NFL according to fans. I shot and edited this video to capture the energy in the stadium and the enthusiasm from St. Louis sports fans. 

On the night of Sept. 13, 2019, stock-car driver and student Louie Lovelace flipped his car during a race. He emerged from the wreck with only minor injuries. Seven weeks later, he had built a new car and was ready to return to the track. This micro-documentary covers Louie's wreck, recovery and ultimately his return. I produced this video with Julia Hansen and videographer Hillary Tan thanks to nearly unlimited access provided by the Lovelace family.

Broadcast-style clips I anchored, scripted and edited as a Student Intern at Newsy
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